1. CISDI-SACS Converter
Designed on the basis of loose and statically-determinate rigid mechanism connection philosophy, CISDI-SACS converter has many advantages, such as simple construction, maintenance free, long service life, safe operation and easy installation. It features self-adaptive bottom-suspension system consisting of three groups of swing rods with 3 degrees of freedom and main/auxiliary blocks, four-spherical statically-determinate supporting system, tilting device supported by composite suspended torsion bar.

2. LF Technology
From introducing, learning and digesting Pangang LF technology, integrating LF No.1 (300t) for Baosteel, independent design of LF for Liuzhou Steel, supplying of 300t LF (No.2) on EP basis till supplying of LF for Xinyu Steel, Shaoguan Steel on EPC basis, CISDI has come a long way in developing LF technology into world leading level.
3. EAF Metallurgical Process Control Model
It can calculate the important process data for on-line control by analyzing the material and energy input and output. It has been applied in UPV plant of CSN (Brazil).
4. Converter Sub-Lance and Dynamic Control Model
The sublance mechanical equipment is innovatively developed with probe manipulator, probe selector and self-balance mono-rail dropping-proof device with ratchets. With reference to improved static converter control model and based on expert system, genetic algorithm and non-linear statistic theory, the dynamic converter sub-lance control model has realized accurate control of converter operation process.
5. Static Converter Model
Static converter models include theoretical model and empirical model, which can calculate the important process data for converter operation control due to the practices and artificial intelligence algorithm. The static converter model mainly consists of eight function models, namely main material model, slag forming model, cooling model, oxygen flow model, bottom stirring model, top-blowing oxygen and lance position model, tapping amount predication model and ladle alloying model.
6. Converter Gas OG Dedusting
CISDI possesses the patent technology of key equipment like conical ring seam regulating valve. Compared with traditional OG method, the new OG dedusting method uses 20% less water, and 10% less electricity.
7. Converter Gas Dry Dedusting
It uses 50% less water, 40% less electricity, and offers the advantages of better purifying effect, smaller area, lower cost, etc.
Other Core Technology