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R & D Platform
National engineering and technological research center for ironmaking & steelmaking equipment system integration
Total area: 25610m2, total building area: 37026.51m2
Consisting of CAE technology center, ironmaking institute, consulting institute, general layout & transportation institute, bulk material institute, steelmaking institute, continuous casting institute, hot rolling institute, cold rolling institute, long products institute, industrial furnace institute, automation institute, power institute, hydraulic institute, environmental protection institute, construction institute, architecture & municipal engineering institute
Equipped with internationally advanced networked, systematic, and integrated iron&steel metallurgy technical equipment CAE simulation analysis and assisted design system, metallurgical automation integration test, analysis, and training system

Technology Platform
National ironmaking & steelmaking equipment system integration engineering technology research center
Chongqing engineering technology research center 2
Chongqing engineering research center 2
CISDI R&D branch center 3

Post-doctoral Research Station
It has assembled a number of people who have completed their doctoral studies.

Hydraulic servo laboratory
Automatic control system laboratory
Core equipment integration test platform
CISDI heavy steel heat engineering laboratory

CISDI-University Cooperative Research Platform
Tsinghua University - CISDI metallurgical equipment technology research center
University of Science and Technology Beijing- Industrial furnace energy-saving technologies and energy efficient equipment development and application protocol
CISDI - Third Military Medical University electromagnetic radiation pollution control engineering center

Production Verification Platform
Jiuquan Iron&Steel Co., Ltd., Xinjiang Bayi Iron&Steel Co., Ltd., Liuzhou Iron&Steel Co., Ltd.
CISDI-TISCO Strategic Cooperation Agreement

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