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Headquartered in Chongqing, China, CISDI Engineering Co., Ltd. is a state-owned engineering company, supplying consulting, engineering design, EPC contracting, and equipment integration services to steel producers all over the world. With over 50 years of experience, CISDI offers quality services for every aspect of production for projects in the metal industry.

CISDI offers overall engineering to large iron & steel enterprises, and is especially proficient at consulting, overall plant planning, bulk material storage and handling, large-sized blast furnaces, large-sized converters/EAFs, secondary refining, slab caster, hot strip mill, plate mill/steckel mill, reversible cold strip/plate mill, cold strip mill, long product mill, tube mill, processing line, industrial furnace, automation system integration, industrial water treatment, industrial and civil buildings, gas holder, etc.

CISDI has built its reputation at home and abroad on the independent engineering designs of Pzhsteel and Baosteel. To date, it has undertaken many key, national projects, and has totally designed 152 blast furnaces, 86 converters, 51 EAFs, 99 refining furnaces, 71 slab casters, and 170 rolling mills. CISDI serves many large domestic iron & steel enterprises like Baosteel, Pzhsteel, Ansteel, Tisco, Wisco, etc., as well as many steel producers in Brazil, Japan, India, Spain, the United States, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, among others.

CISDI has a specialized R&D center, test and manufacturing base from which it continually develops new solutions to meet our customers' needs. In addition, it has assembled a skilled research and development team, consisting of two national engineering masters, forty-six experts with outstanding contribution subsidy from the State of Council and over six hundred senior engineers. Every year CISDI invests 4% of the operating revenue into improving our technological R&D. As a result of these efforts, CISDI has acquired many core technologies with proprietary intellectual property rights, and has received over 300 patents.

Scope of business
complete solution for iron & steel enterprises, engineering consulting, engineering design, EPC, equipment integration
project supervision, operation service

Scope of services
Focus: metallurgy
Diversification: rail transportation, green building, informatization, environmental protection, real estate


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