Energy Saving, Environment Protection

1. Gas holder technology
CISDI has the capacity of designing and developing POC, POP, PRC type gas holders. It independently developed the POC type gas holder with property right. POC dominates in high pressure gas holder field in China.
2. lbtu gas fuel gas – steam CCPP
CISDI has design references for most types in terms of Ibtu gas CCPP, for example 145MW complete BFG CCPP, 50MW BFG COG mixture CCPP, 50MW complete BFG CCPP, the first 170MW complete COREX gas CCPP in the world.
3. Overheating recuperator
CISDI has many references in waste heat recovery of BOF and has patented technologies for core equipment like overheating recuperator and movable hood flexible lifting device. Overheating recuperator can supply discontinuous saturated steam generated by waste heat boiler of BOF as continuous 5-20℃ overheated steam source to RH vacuum system directly.
4. Oil mist cleaning machine
The unit is provided with 2 stages of cleaning capture. It cleans effectively the mill emulsion oil mist to meet discharging requirement. Steam cleaning is automatic. Emulsion can be recovered to reduce the secondary pollution. It operated successfully in Pangang Chengdu Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., etc.
5. New type town sewage treatment technology
CISDI has developed its "vertical flow biological aerated filter (BAF) and "reinforced bioflocculation-biofilm filter" process. They are state of the art environmental protective process technology suitable for small town sewage treatment. They were applied successfully in old town sewage treatment station in Tongliang Country, Chongqing. CISDI has applied national patent for the technology.
It is applicable for treatment of town sewage, community sewage, industrial waste water (beer industrial waste water, dyeing waste water, food waste water, etc.).
6. Zinc extraction from BFG dust/mud integration technology
It solves problem of zinc concentration in BFG dust/mud which is difficult for smelting process, meanwhile it is applicable for treatment of zinc contained BFG dust/mud, EAF gas dust and sinter dust.
Other Core Technology