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CISDI has earned a good reputation both at home and abroad for the engineering designs of Pzhsteel, the first large iron & steel complex in China independently engineered by a local engineering company, and Baosteel, China's most modernized large iron & steel complex. It has undertaken many key, national projects, and has totally designed 152 blast furnaces, 86 converters, 51 EAFs, 99 refining furnaces, 71 slab casters, and 170 rolling mills, setting up many records(as regards FIRST and LARGEST) in China's steel industry.

During the Eleventh Five-Year Plan (2007-2012), CISDI is in a position to provide engineering consulting, design, and EPC services for projects whose total investments amount to 18 billion USD. It has been ranked among the top five survey and engineering companies in China since 2003 in terms of revenue (Number One in 2003).

CISDI has clients throughout the world. In China, nearly all large and medium iron & steel companies are its long-term clients, whether Baosteel, Pzhsteel, Ansteel, Tisco, Wisco, Shagang, or others. Among the world's top 80 iron & steel companies, 35 companies are CISDI clients, and that number continues to grow.

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