1. Hydraulic Mould Oscillation Technology for Slab Casters
Flexible oscillation modes
On-line adjustable oscillation frequency and stroke
Hydraulic servo control, contributing to high oscillation accuracy, hence better strand surface quality and lower breakout rate
Improving slab output
Guiding with wearless leaf spring (High accuracy without lubricating)
Providing one-piece/two-piece solutions

It has been applied in fifteen slab casters in Liuzhou Steel, Bayi Steel, etc.

2. Soft Reduction Technology for Slab Caster
Main Functions
On-line real-time tracking of slab temperature field
On-line real-time predication of solidification end point.
Dynamic control of strand roller gap
Improving the strand inner quality

It has been applied to seven CCMs including slab caster NO.6 of Liuzhou Steel.

3. General Design System for Continuous Bending and Unbending in Slab Caster
CISDI has developed general design system (CISDI_RGDS R1.0) for continuous bending and unbending in slab casters, which features rich roll diagram database.
4. General Design System for Secondary Cooling in Slab Caster
CISDI has successfully developed the general design simulation software CISDI-SCSD R1.0 for slab caster secondary cooling system, which has the features of powerful analysis, calculation and wide applicability.
5. Dynamic Secondary Cooling Control Model
DCC is able to calculate the strand surface temperature distribution along the strand, strand shell thickness and set-point of water spray for each secondary cooling zone to allow the strand surface temperature approach to the target and to keep the desirable thermal state of strands in various casting conditions, thus ensuring good product surface quality and inner property. The model can also provide field data diagnosis, secondary cooling water nozzle clogging/pipe leakage diagnosis and alarming. It has been applied to slab casters of Tiantie and Xinyu Steel.
Other Core Technology