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Automation Platform & Tools

Process Control Development Platform (PCDP)
Based on middle ware technique, PCDP is a general trans-platform software development platform and environment with a lot of supporting functions, developed to abstract, optimize and refine the application software development for the process control system. PCDP allows for higher level and efficiency of application software development for the process control system, promotes informatization of metallurgical enterprises and paves solid ways for development and standardization of automation application software.
The features of PCDP
1. Basic support class library: by shielding the difference in the hardware and software environments, it fits well in various hardware and software environments of the process control system application software;
2. Automatic code generation: It's capable of generate quickly C/S communications frames, class codes and database access codes;
3. Automatic compilation & linking: It can perform automated code compilation and linking;
4. Unified directory environment: It enables one-key and standardized operation in application software layout;
5. General standard module: Use of modular tools comprising general functional modules enhances expandability.

CISDI High Speed Data Acquisition System (CHPDA)
It can realize the millisecond sampling, compression & storage, online and offline analysis for process data, broadly applying in real-time data acquisition and analysis of continuous casting, steel rolling and non-metal industry.
The features of CHPDA
1. High-speed sampling: realizing the fastest sampling cycle of 2ms in PLC
2. Storage and compression: high-efficiency nondestructive compression and decompression for high-speed data flow
3. Data analysis: provided with the following function: trend diagram, fast Fourier transform, 2D-3D transition, all kinds of filters, X axis transformation, index statistics and the arithmetic calculation between signals, etc.

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