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Steelmaking Automation

1. Automation Control for Hot Metal Desulfurization Units

Main Control Models
(1) Desulfurizing agent addition amount calculation model
(2) Powder proportion calculation model
(3) Desulfurizing stirring duration calculation model

2. Automation Control techniques for Converters

Main Control Models:
Static Mathematic Models
(1) Main raw material calculation model
(2) Slag forming calculation model
(3) Blowing mode calculation model
(4) Tapping prediction model
(5) End-point calculation model
(6) Ladle alloying model.

Dynamic Control Models
(1) Sub-lance lowering time calculation;
(2) Coolant and oxygen flow control model;
(3) End-point temperature and composition prediction model;
(4) BP neural network early warning model.
(5) Expert System-based Parameter Adaptation

3. Automation Control for Electric Arc Furnaces

Main Control Functions
(1) Principal materials model;
(2) Slag former model;
(3) Alloy model;
(4) Thermal balance calculation model
(5) Baching optimization calculation model
(6) Temina l forecasting calculation

4. Automation Control for Ladle Furnaces

Main Control Models
(1) Deoxidation model;
(2) Slag formation model;
(3) Composition tuning model;
(4) Argon blowing & stirring model;
(5) Heating-up model.

5. Automation Control for Continuous Casters

Main Control Functions
(1) Dynamic secondary cooling water control model;
(2) Optimized cutting model;
(3) Quality evaluation model;
(4) Dynamic soft reduction model;
(5) Breakout prevention model;
(6) Hydraulic mold oscillator control;
(7) Casting powder feeding into mold;
(8) On-line mold width adjustment control;
(9) Electromagnetic stirring/electromagnetic braking;
(10) Casting speed control and load balancing;
(11) Alarming, prediction and mode identification for unknown grades by neural network;
(12) Dynamic display of temperature profiles in the front and rear wide-face copper plates.

Other Automation Control