Rolling Mill

1. Modified Breakdown Mills
The new type of breakdown mills (BDCD850, BDCD1,000, BDCD1,350) developed by CISDI have been successfully applied to quality wire & rod mill of Xingtai Steel, medium section mill revamping of NISCO, Jinxing heavy section mill of NISCO.
2. Serialization Mill with Housing
A wide range of high-rigidity housing mills are available, including HSCD700, HSCD610, HSCD560, HSCD480 and HSCD430, which can be used for continuous rod rolling line and high-speed wire rolling line (from rougher to pre-finishing mill).
3. Rod & Wire Reducing & Sizing Technology
CISDI proprietary reducing & sizing mill for rods and reducing & sizing mill for wires equipped with front and rear water cooling device can perform thermal rolling, contributing to better grain sizes and dimensional accuracy of medium- & small-sized rods and high-speed wires. CISDI has good knowledge of reducing & sizing technology for rods, wires and large coils, and is leading in China especially for alloy steel products.
4. Flying Shears
A full range of FSCD flying shears developed by CISDI for long products are applicable for rods as large as Φ130mm and triple-cutting ribbed bar as small as Φ8mm. The cutting speed varies from 0.5m/s to 24m/s. The flying shears can cut premium long products such as straight carbon steel, bearing steel, spring steel and mould steel. The flying shears have been successfully implemented in premium rod rolling line in Pangang Changchen Steel.
5. Split Rolling and Controlled Cooling
Double-splitting, triple-splitting and quadric-splitting equipment technology is available (min. splitting size: 8mm). CISDI can provide controlled cooling technology for rods to enhance the rebar strength, which has been successfully applied to the wire and rod mill of KINSTEEL (Malaysia).
Other Core Technology