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Order from Xinjiang Bayi Steel for COREX Energy/Utilities Project
2013-04-02 04:25:26
Order from Xinjiang Bayi Steel for COREX Energy/Utilities Project
Impression Drawing of Energy Plant for COREX

The EPC contract for energy/utilities facilities for relocated COREX was inked by and between CISDI and Xinjiang Bayi Steel (Baosteel Group) in October 2012, covering COREX gas utilization and air separation plant for COREX, and new back-pressure generator set for existing thermal power station.

When the COREX is relocated to Xinjiang Bayi Steel, the demand for oxygen will be increased while surplus COREX gas will be generated. Two 240t/h high-temperature high-pressure gas-burning boilers shall be built to generate steam by the surplus COREX gas. The steam shall be used for actuate the steam-operated air compressor to supply compressed air to two 40,000m3/h air separation units, which will in turn supply sufficient oxygen for the COREX. The surplus steam will also be used for power generation (total capacity of 90MW for the generator unit) and for operation as well as heating in winter (low-pressure steam at 300t/h). Besides, CISDI will supply one 25MW back-pressure generator unit for the existing thermal power station.
The steam-operated air compressor will directly convert the steam heat into kinetic energy of compressor, which, compared with conventional compressor, features less capital cost and higher energy efficiency due to elimination of intermediate conversion procedure (namely heat converted into electricity and then into kinetic energy).   
The equipment is designed with consideration of plant-wide gas and steam balance in Xinjiang Bayi Steel, so they can adapt to BFG and LDG in addition to COREX gas, consequently the new boiler can involve in the gas regulation for the plant to contribute to zero emission of the plant-wide surplus gas. With the condensing and extraction turbine unit and back-pressure turbine unit, the low-pressure steam after power generation can be used for the process and heating, so as to achieve the plant-wide low-pressure steam demand and supply balance.
When the project is completed, the surplus COREX gas thus generated will be used for oxygen, steam and power generation to allow recycling of COREX gas, which will improve the reliability and economic efficiency of the oxygen, steam and power supply for the whole steel plant. The project will be implemented with the state-of-the-art equipment and high automation level.
The project is now under smooth progress, and the preliminary design concept has been approved by the Owner.
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