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Urban In fro-structure Construction

Urban Infrastructure Construction and Road Traffic
CISDI lays its emphasis on building rail transit in urban infrastructure construction. In addition to working on the engineering of Light Rail Line 1, 2 and 3 in Chongqing, and Metro Line 1 in Chengdu, CISDI makes the most of its strong R&D and integration abilities in technologies, control, and equipment manufacturing. By constantly improving its R&D capabilities in rail transit system, CISDI is devoted to promoting the development of local electromechanical integration industries such as vehicles, electrics, environmental control, signal, monitoring, and more.
With regards to municipal works, CISDI is also the general contractor of BT road construction project in Shaqu section of Gaojiu road, which is the first urban fast track in Chongqing city.
CISDI has also completed constructing the middle section of Jintang Avenue, and is able to offer consultation, design, supervision, and EPC services for projects of large-scale highway, bridge and tunnel projects.

Chongqing Light Rail Project BT Road Construction Project in Shaqu Section of Gaojiu Road, Chongqing Teqin Road Project, 119 Command Center, Jiulongpo District, Chongqing
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