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Software StreamDEM Released by CISDI
2014-09-12 02:22:26

StreamDEM, a granular computing software developed under the leadership of CAE center of CISDI R&D Co., Ltd. was successfully released on June 27, 2014. Applications including environmental-friendly stockyard, clean transfer of bulk materials and burden distribution at blast furnace top demand discrete element simulation of granular stream, but the only commercial software available in the market is still inadequate for these applications, so CISDI set up a dedicated research team to address this problem, which eventually developed StreamDEM which will allow better technical services for customers.

StreamDEM is implemented with GPU to significantly enhance the speed for computing granular discrete element, which provides a solution to the long-standing problem of low efficiency in discrete element simulation, and can be widely used in construction machinery, mining, coal, agriculture, petroleum, chemical, steel and pharmaceutical sector.

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