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In recent years, CISDI has successively undertaking a great number of project consulting in industrial projects, local projects and overseas projects, including layout, technical & economical analysis, energy resources analysis, investment assessment and budgetary estimate of Phase III Project for Baosteel, Stainless Steel Project for TISCSO, Hot Strip Mill for WISCO, Medium- and Long-term Layout for Panzhihua Iron & Steel Corp., 3 million ton steel project in Brazil, Expansion Project of 3 million ton steel in Pakistan, and 10 Million tons Steel Base in Zhanjiang for SHAOGANG etc. Besides, it has also undertaken the audit, budgetary & final accounts auditing, or compiling of bidding documents for Swimming & Diving Hall of Chongqing Yuanjiagang Sports Center, Stadium of Chongqing Yuanjiagang Sports Center, reconstruction project of Chongqing Cultural Palace Cinema, Chongqing Hongyan Memorial, Chongqing Financial Town Development Project, Chongqing Science & Technology Information Center, Multifunctional and Experimental Building of Chongqing Engineering College, Library of Chongqing Medical University, and Teaching Building of Chongqing Medical University.

Approved by Ministry of Construction, CISDI is one of the first units with A Grade construction cost consulting in Chongqing, focusing on business in technical & economical analysis and evaluation, investment assessment, budgetary estimate, budget, final estimate, final accounts for as-built project, bidding documents, and supervisory control of construction cost etc., as well as with minor business of asset evaluation, engineering project planning and energy resources estimate.

Zhanjiang Base of SHAOGANG Subsequent to Baosteel, the Base is another new large-scale integrated iron & steel enterprise in China, from raw material wharf, power plant to shipment of finished products of coil of cold strip mill. The general layout is for construction of stockyard, 5000m3, 300t converter, 2250mm hot rolling, 2230mm cold rolling. The project is foreseen in two phases, with production capacity of steel 8.5 million t/a, and its total investment RMB1.5 billion.
BV Steel Works of Brazil BV Steel Works is a large-scale steel plant, from stockyard to continuous cast slab. According to the Pre-feasibility and Feasibility Study Report, it is planned to construct heavy equipment including stockyard, 5000m3 blast furnace, 300t converter, 250t converter, 2250mm hot strip mill, 1880mm hot strip mill ,5000mm wide plate mill, and 1580mm hot strip mill, 2230mm cold strip mill, 1800mm cold strip mill, 1550mm cold strip mill . Phase will be realized in two phases. Production capacity of phase I is 3 million t/a of slab.Total investment will be RMB 43.5 billion.
Pre-feasibility Study of Power Generation from Gas for Tonghua Iron & Steel Corp. Pre-feasibility study on newly built one set of gas turbine circulating electricity generation device and its auxiliaries, making full use of gas resource in TONGGANG in order to improve the environment and benefit. In 2000, it was awarded the Second Prize of National Excellent Project Consulting.
Feasibility Study on No. 5 BF Relocation of Benxi Iron & Steel Corp., Ltd. With investment of RMB25 million, the volume of BF is increased from 2000m3 to 2300m3 after revamping, its capacity reaching to 1.61 million t/a hot metal. It has improved equipment level, achieved the goal of high quality, high yield, low consumption and long campaign life, and gained better economic benefits. In 1999, it was awarded the Third Prize of National Excellent Project Consulting.
Feasibility Study on Technical Revamping of Hot Strip Mill for Meishan Corp., Ltd. of Baosteel Group, Shanghai After technical revamping, the production capacity is 1.78 million t/a hot rolled coil with thickness 1.2~12.7mm, width 650mm~1300mm, and 1.7508 t/a hot rolled finished coil. It has strengthened the capability of high value-added products, i.e. strip for producing container, tinning sheet, cold rolled sheet for automobile and strip of thin gauge. Besides, it has improved the quality of products and dimension precision of finished products, as well as reduced the cost. The consulting covers feasibility study on technical revamping. In 2001, it was awarded the Third Prize of Excellent Project Consulting in Metallurgical Industry.
Feasibility Study on Technical Revamp of Bloom & Slab Caster to Replace Mould Casting in Panzhihua With an investment of RMB98 million, and after construction, there are two continuous casting workshops and three continuous casters (i.e. new bloom caster and 2# slab caster, and one existing double-strand slab caster) in steelmaking plant of PANZHIHUA. On the basis of full continuous casting, it not only guarantees the quality standard of heavy rail steel, but also increase the output, varieties and quality grade of hot & cold rolling sheet. The consulting covers feasibility study report.
Feasibility Study on Power Generation from Gas in Taiyuan Iron & Steel (Group) Corp., Ltd. After construction, the capacity is 70~83MW, and steam supply is 80t/h. It can generate electricity by recovering BFG, and basically resulting in no discharge of BFG, not only reducing environmental pollution, but also bringing about great economic benefits every year for TISCorp. The consulting covers compiling of feasibility study report.
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