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Civil Architecture

CISDI has developed distinctive design technologies of super high-rise buildings, super large residential districts, high-rise steel structures, etc., with which it has successively accomplished a batch of projects that conform to the aspirations of the people and meet their needs, as well as design and EPC projects for municipal infrastructure construction. Many of these projects have won many national, provincial ministerial awards.
Over the past years, CISDI has been involved in the research of key technologies for building livable cities, and also, cooperated with internationally renowned companies and research institutions to take the lead in building, in Ba'nan District of Chongqing, low-carbon industrial parks in Western China.

CISDI Mansion
Location: Economic Development Park, New North Zone, Chongqing Function: production, R&D, office building
Number of floors: 3(underground), 23(above ground)
Time of completion: 2009
(China's Top Ten Energy-efficient Buildings)

Overhaul & Modification Project of Great Hall of the People (Chongqing)
Location: Yuzhong District, Chongqing
Time of completion: 2007
(A record project for the shortest overhaul period of its kind in China

Chongqing Marriott International Conference Center Building
Location: at the junction of Minsheng Road and Minquan Road, Chongqing
Function: business, conference, luxury Apartment
Total building area: 170,000 square meters
Number of floors: 5(underground),66(above ground)
Time of completion: under construction

Chongqing Dinghao Century Star City Construction Project (PhaseI)
Total building area: 200,000 square meters
Function: integrated service building
Time of completion: under construction
Service mode: engineering design
(The tallest building under construction in Southwest China)

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