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Baosteel 6-strand Square/round Billet Caster
Designed capacity 1Mt/a
Strand size 160mm×160mm,φ178mm,φ195mm
Startup 2008
Scope of Contract Engineering design
Pzhsteel Chengdu 5-strand Billet caster
Designed capacity 750,000t/a
Strand size 150mm×150mm
Startup 2004
Scope of Contract EPC
Tianjin Tiantie 8-strand Square/round Billet Caster
Strand size 200mm×200mm 240mm×240mm 230mm×350mm 320mm×410 mm
Foreseen 500mm×500mm Φ220mm ~Φ450mm Φ500mm
Designed capacity 1.35Mt/a
Startup 2009
Scope of Contract EPC
Pzhsteel 4-strand bloom caster
Strand size 360x450mm
Designed capacity 1Mt/a
Startup 2005
Scope of Contract EPC
Liuzhou Stee7-strand billet caster
Strand size 165x165/180x220mm
Designed capacity 1.2Mt/a
Startup 2007
Scope of Contract EP
Other Typical Projects